Designation Dimensions Max. aquarium length Power Colour temperature Luminous flux Barcode
Sinkor LED 30 310 x 50 x 8.5 mm 35 cm 10 W 6000 K 2 808 lm 8594193840014
Sinkor LED 45 460 x 50 x 8.5 mm 45 cm 15 W 6000 K 4 212 lm 8594193840021
Sinkor LED 60 610 x 50 x 8.5 mm 60 cn 20 W 6000 K 5 615 lm 8594193840038
Sinkor LED 75 760 x 50 x 8.5 mm 75 cm 25 W 6000 K 7 020 lm 8594193840045
Sinkor LED 90 910 x 50 x 8.5 mm 95 cm 30 W 6000 K 8 424 lm 8594193840052
Sinkor LED 105 1060 x 50 x 8.5 mm 110 cm 35 W 6000 K 9 828 lm 8594193840069
Sinkor LED 120 1210 x 50 x 8.5 mm 125 cm 40 W 6000 K 11 232 lm 8594193840076


Sinkor LED is a modern LED light intended for all types of aquariums


Main features of Sinkor LED:

• Huge amount of LED diodes ensures better efficiency and spread of light
The light from LED diodes is emitted in one direction and is not scattered like from conventional light bulbs or fluorescent tubes. Large amount of modern LED diodes helps us achieve uniform spread across whole aquarium with high efficiency and low power consumption.


• Ideal color spectrum for aquatic plants
Aquatic plants demand blue light for their growth. Sinkor LED contains this color in the largest amount (see graph) but also contains green and red in smaller amoution of fish and plants. The color temperature is 6000K therefore it looks like plain white to the human eye.


Sinkor LED is very powerful and lets you fully enjoy the beauty of your underwater world but If you prefer weaker light or have a problem with algae you simply set the light intensity with the enclosed dimmer.


• Body is made from top quality Aluminium
We chose aluminium due to its exceedingly good properties. Thermal tests showed us that using body frame as a heat sink is the most effective way of cooling the whole device. This ensures long-life of electronics inside.


• Long lasting LED diodes and easy-to-replace parts
LED diodes in Sinkor LED should last many years (turned on for 10-12 hrs. per day)
and we will provide customer care and parts for many years to come. So If anything will happen in the future, you don’t have to throw away the whole light, just replace the part (LED chipset, Power supply etc.) that is broken.


• Sleek design
Sinkor LED is very thin, only 8.4 mm! This makes it look very discreet and unobtrusive.


• Sinkor LED fits almost all aquariums!
Adapt to the width of your aquarium with ease thanks to a pair of movable light holders (pack. included)

Sinkor LED is made in the EU, specifically in the Czech Republic.