We are looking for dealers and distributors!

We are looking for dealers and distributors for Sinkor aquarium! We sell to distributors and to dealers. Distributor sell mainly to other shops in his area. Dealers sells directly to end customers.
We operate worldwide so we will be happy to establish cooperation in any country in the world. As we have extensive experience in import and export, we can assist you with import into your country, including transport and the necessary legislative obligations.

Our products meet very strict European guidelines which are based on certified tests in our partner’s non-proprietary laboratories. That’s why our products can be sold in any market.
Please fill in the form below to contact us or contact us at info@sinkoraquarium.com. State your region, contact information, whether you are interested in becoming a dealer or distributor, and a few words about your company. We will then respond as soon as possible. Before we start working together we will give you all answers to your questions. We look forward to our future cooperation.


You can contact us via contact form: