We are company from the Czech Republic, central Europe. Originaly we focused only on retail and wholesale of aquatics product in central Europe. We cooperate with leading manufacturers from North America, Europe and Asie. After ten years of successful trade experiences we founded Sinkor aquarium s.r.o. Sinkor was founded to develop our own aquarium products. This gives us the advantage of instant feedback from our customers. With this system we will be able to iron out the kinks in our products right from the start and make changes based on customers feedback before we introduce our product into the market.

We focus on innovation and production of quality products for aquariums. Quality is our number one priority and that is why we do not want to produce any products that have been already on the market for several years. We are trying to develop new, simple and quality products that will help you build and maintain your aquarium. Our other priority is providing these quality products for minimal price.